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UltraTools Email Tools provide real-time mail server testing that is critical to understanding how your domains' mail servers are configured, available, and perceived on the public Internet. This will assist you with your day-to-day system administration and research tasks.

It is important to ensure that your mail server performance is at the level you require it to be, to ensure that you can send and receive emails in a timely fashion.

What is a mail server? A mail server is an application that receives incoming email from local users and remote senders forwarding outgoing email for delivery. A computer that is dedicated to running the mail application is also called a mail server.

UltraTools Free Email Tools make day-to-day administration of mail servers easier by giving administrators the ability to conduct real-time blacklisting research and mail server testing as needed. A mail server is dedicated server that runs an application that receives incoming email from local users and remote senders, and forwards outgoing email for delivery. Use these tools to check configurations and availability for your domains’ mail servers. You can also use the UltraTools RBL Database Lookup tool to see if your domain is on a Real Time Spam Blacklist (RBL). If it is, the tool will tell you who to contact to dispute the block.

Regular use of UltraDNS Email Test and RBL Database Lookup tools can help administrators keep email safe from spam and phishing, optimize mail server performance, and ensure 100% availability so that employees and business partners can securely and reliably send and receive email traffic in a timely manner.