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UltraTools FAQs

Q: Is an account creation required to use the site?
A: In order to better serve you and ensure that the data we provide is secure we ask that you create a free account when running the domain health report on Creating an account allows you to:

  • Access to the full domain health report results, including technical output
  • Lets you run unlimited domain health reports absolutely free
  • Gives you access to past domain health results
  • Saves reports and allows you to re-run them again in the future

Q: Where do the UltraTools tests run from (geographically) and how do I ensure the data provided is accurate?
A: All tests are run from our Test Source Location, in Reston, VA (USA). All tests originate from the Test Source Location, which is a secure hosting facility wholly separate from UltraDNS facilties. Server response times returned by certain tests are always relative to the Test Source Location.

Q: How can I print my domain health results?
A: Currently we give you the ability to print each of the results by the category the result was run. For example you are able to print the test results for the Start of Authority. In the next few weeks we will be enhancing our print ability to let you print the entire results of the report, including all nine categories at one time.

Q: I ran a Domain Health Report on my domain and I saw some Errors, along with Warnings and Best Practice suggestions. What does this all mean? Is my domain setup broken?
A: Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive set of tools to help you review, configure, and analyze data for your domain servers. Our goal is to show you where there may be a problem. Ultimately you are the one to decide if there is a real problem based on the specific domain setup you require. The domain health reports runs 70 tests in 9 different categories and can be used as an accurate diagnostic tool to better help you make the right decisions for your business.

Q: How long do you save my domain health report results?
A: We will save your results for 30 days, after that point (or at any time before that) you will be able to rerun your report for any updates.