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DNS Server Types

This report represents the types and popularity of authoritative DNS name server (resolver) software being used by the Internet's top domains to resolve DNS queries. It is based on Domain Health Report test results on the date indicated within the report.

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44% Misc. 44%
23% Not Identified 23%
20% UltraDNS 20%
8% Bind 8%
4% PowerDNS 4%
1% Microsoft 1%
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DNS Server Types
Historical Data

* The Domain Statistics reports shown on this page use the platform to analyze the top Internet Domains, as ranked by Alexa at the time the data is collected for the reports. These snap shot and historical reports were designed to provide an overview on how specific technologies are being used and/or adopted. They may be downloaded or embedded directly into your site freely using the links provided, however all branding and labeling must remain intact.