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IPv6 Compress

The IPv6 Compress tool takes an fully-notated IPv6 address and removes empty octets (0000) from it, replacing them with a colon (:).

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About this Tool

IPv6 addresses often contain consecutive hexadecimal fields of zeros. To simplify address entry, you can use two colons (::) to represent the consecutive fields of zeros when typing the IPv6 address. The IPv6 Compress tool provides this shortened IPv6 address. Compressed and uncompressed IPv6 addresses are equivalent.

This tool will provide the compressed IPv6 address if the input IPv6 address is not fully compressed. For example if your IPv6 is 2001:db8:0:200:0:0:0:7, it will take the additional zeros and replace them with ":" like this: 2001:db8:0:200::7