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DNS Query Estimator

Coming Soon

The DNS Query Estimator uses a variety of sources, and estimates the volume of DNS queries to your domain per month.

Coming Soon - DNS Query Estimator is under development and will be ready soon. Please check back with us in the coming weeks when we release it along with other new UltraTools. It is our intent to bring new UltraTools to you that help you do your job.

About this Tool

The Authoritative DNS Query Estimator allows you to provide some common drivers of DNS traffic that you may know from other areas of website management, such as the Page Views and Unique Visitors hitting your website, or email volume. You may be able to obtain accurate numbers for these drivers from tools like Google Analytics, or other similar tools. Most managed DNS providers charge based on traffic, so being able to accurately quote current usage as well as anticipate future usage allows you to plan accordingly.

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