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SSL Lookup & Reporting Tool

The SSL examination report looks at the SSL certificate on a website and provides SSL validation information. The report will check for hostname mismatches between your domain and what is on the certificate, as well as whether the certificate is expired, revoked, or trusted.

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About this Tool

The SSL examination report specifically indicates if a valid SSL certificate is present on port 443 of the website. This report specifically shows who the issuer of the certificate is, the validity date, the serial number, and SSL info such as the cipher suite and the SSL version used. This tool is helpful in determining a server's SSL version and other SSL information and that the IP is secured by SSL.

What is a SSL? SECURE SOCKETS LAYER (SSL) is a protocol developed for transmitting private information via the Internet. SSL uses a cryptographic system so many websites use the protocol to obtain confidential account information, such as credit card numbers.

One way to know that there is SSL on a website is to look at the URL. URLs that require an SSL connection start with https:// instead of http://