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UltraTools Mobile for Android

Turn your Android mobile device into a true network-troubleshooting device. Get all the most useful tools within a single application.

UltraTools Mobile for Android includes fourteen useful tools for DNS and network administration, including:

Domain Health Report
Check the health of your DNS configuration from your smartphone. The UltraTools Mobile - Domain Health Report tool evaluates a domain configuration with over seventy tests in nine different categories, and shows you what can be changed to optimize your domain.
Visual Traceroute
Check the route between your mobile device to a server - both over the network and around the world! The UltraTools Mobile - Visual Traceroute tool uses traceroute information and GeoIP data to give you a better sense of the route and physical distance that packets travel over the network from you to the server.

DNS Lookup
Query any domain nameserver for information from your phone or tablet! You may even select the type of query. The UltraTools Mobile - DNS Lookup tool gives you a way to check DNS answers over the mobile or WiFi network so that you can understand what your users may be experiencing with your DNS.
WHOIS Lookup
Check DNS domain registration and owner information from the datacenter or conference room - without having to open a laptop. The UltraTools Mobile - WHOIS Lookup tool provides a quick way to query WHOIS data from multiple providers.

SSL Examination
Is the SSL certificate of a website present - or more importantly, is it valid? Check right from your phone or tablet with the UltraTools Mobile - SSL Examination tool.
DNS Speed Test
Does your website seem a little slow? Use the UltraTools Mobile - DNS Speed Test to check the response time for DNS queries directly from your mobile device - and show the database team that it's their problem, not DNS.

Is the server up? Is the IP address being used? Now with the UltraTools Mobile - Ping tool, you can check from anywhere outside of a Faraday cage.
GeoIP Lookup
Where in the world is that IP address hosted? The UltraTools Mobile - GeoIP Lookup tool will show you the location information and plot the results on a map.

RBL Lookup
Are your mail servers listed on real-time black lists (RBL)? Now you can check easily right from your mobile device with the UltraTools Mobile - RBL Lookup tool.
Port Scanner
Do you know which TCP ports are open on your network connected servers? The UltraTools Mobile - Port Scanner tool performs a quick check for common services - and custom ports. Now you can check if a network service is available (or if you should turn it off).

Device Connection Speed
Does the network seem slow to you? Check - and compare - network download and upload speeds from your device over whichever network you may be connected to with the UltraTools Mobile - Connection Speed tool.
IPv4 to IPv6 converter
Planning to support IPv6 on your network? If you have any transition strategy, you'll want to know the IPv6 equivalent of IPv4 addresses. You can convert addresses conveniently with the UltraTools Mobile - IPv4 to IPv6 Conversion tool

IPv6 Compatibility
Can you reach a domain using IPv6 addressing? Find out if your domain is ready for IPv6 with the UltraTools Mobile - IPv6 Compatibility tool.
Device Information
The UltraTools Mobile - Device Information tool is a single location for critical information about your mobile device hardware, operating system and connected networks. With it, you no longer need to hunt through the device menus, searching for hard to find device or connection information.

All tools are included within a single Android App, with a shared history function to ease the effort of a series of related searches. No need to hunt for multiple tools across the Android market, no need to bounce between different apps on your device to troubleshoot a DNS or network problem.